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There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat. - Tay Hohoff



Before you choose:



1. Don't buy from a breeder who is not a member in one of the Cat Associations. This case parentage is not prooved.


2. A 6-8 week old kitten has no injections! If you can take your baby home this age, you can be sure that it has no veterinarian check. Breeders give the kittens in the age of 12-13 week old with all the needed injections and socialized.



3. Before you take your kitten home, go and check where the cats are raised. If you find diryt and smelly place you can be sure that the kittens are not healthy.







Before you choose, ask these questions from yourself:


·    Are you ready to spend a lot of time and money during years for the care of a cat?


·    Do you have enough time for combing a long-haired persian cat?


·    Does this breed fits to your lifestyle and personality?


·    Are you ready for the love you will get? Vigyor










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