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Neutering is an operation done by the vet. In male cats testicles are removed (castration), in female cats the ovaries and the womb are removed (spaying).



Spaying stops your female cat from having unwanted kittens and stops her from developing cancer of the ovaries or uterus. It also stops her from coming into ‘heat’ which may be upsetting for her and for the owners too. Heating can last for 1 week and she nearly stops crying during this time. Despite the misconception there is no benefit to your cat to have a litter before she is spayed





For male cats castrating makes him less likely to fight and reduces his chance of getting diseases which are spread by bites. The worst habit for a male is spraying urine in the house, as an indication of territory, this can avoid with the operation. Castration also makes your cat less likely to straggle, which can reduce his chance of getting hit by a car.




The best time for it is around five to six months of age (before it gets mature), but can safely be done when your cat is younger or older. Your vet can advise the right time for the operation based on your cat’s condition. Neutering can help them live longer and enjoy a better quality of life.


























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